Winter Beauty Care Tips

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Winter Beauty Care Tips


Winter can be tough on our bodies. The cold and frost quickly sap that summer glow and can leave us feeling a little dishevelled. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of effort and some cool tips and tricks you can beat the season and retain that glowing fresh look whatever the weather! Here’s our guide to the top six ways to stay fabulous right through ‘til spring.

  1. Add extra moisture to your hair

One of the difficult things about winter is that the cold dries out your skin pretty quickly, and this affects your hair as well. To avoid this fate try adding extra moisture to your hair by doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week such as British Hair Moisture Intensive Hair Masque (£11.95) – doing a moisturising mask is a quick and easy way to lock moisture back into your hair. You can also use hair oils after you’ve washed your hair to prevent dull locks and dry ends.

  1. Style to avoid ‘hat hair’

Another important issue when it comes to winter is hair styling. Bellowing winds can wreak damage on even the firmest hair-sprayed styles. Try an interesting up do like a classic French plait or pigtails. The advantage of styles like a French plait is that they will keep your locks looking nice and tidy even under a beanie, avoiding that dreaded ‘hat hair’!

  1. Change your hair washing routine

Dry hair and a dry scalp are two downsides of the wintery season. The cold winter winds can cause severe dryness to your locks, so you have to adapt your hair washing routine in order to avoid dull, damaged hair this season. Avoid washing your hair too much – twice a week is enough – as excess washing can increase dryness, and always use lukewarm water to retain the moisture as hot water leaves your hair frizzy. Try to avoid your hairdryer and flat/curling iron as much as possible as well – go for a French plait or a classic ponytail if you don’t really enjoy how your hair looks naturally dried.


  1. Use bedtime gloves

Gloves are needed a lot during winter, but you wouldn’t think to wear them in bed. Well, think again! If the cold is chaffing your hands try moisturising right before you go to sleep then covering them with cotton gloves. This helps the moisture to absorb giving you soft, flake-free skin overnight.  Try it with Leighton Denny Best Defence (£9) – my absolute favourite hand cream.

  1. Sip hot water

Staying hydrated is one of the most important beauty tips in any season and the best way to do this during winter is to drink hot water (although, be careful not to burn yourself!). Get a stylish re-useable cup to cut down on wastage and then fill it up from the kettle and sip away wherever you go.

  1. Protect your lips

Although we remember to protect our lips with balm during the summer, lip protection is often forgotten during the winter months. Use special products designed to save lips from drying out in cold weather. Take a balm with you when you’re out and re-apply often for winter-proof smackers.  Avoid anything containing Petroleum jelly (also liquid paraffin)  – it only acts as a barrier and does nothing to feed the skin with moisture at all.  It is the sludge that sits in the bottom of the crude oil distillation and has to be bleached to reach that white colour we see!

Get a great hairstyle, protect your skin and keep hydrated to look glowing and beautiful all year round!


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