Beauty Consultancy

Offering a complete range of beauty business consultancy from budgeting and business planning  a new business to marketing and increasing revenue in an existing salon, Tina Robinson boasts clients such as Urban Retreat and Regis and 30 years industry experience.

Business Health Check

Does your beauty business need some TLC? If you are struggling to make profit, getting poor customer feedback or finding it hard to gain new clients a business health check could start you off on the path to recovery.

Areas we can address:

  • Staff skill analysis and training planning
  • HR advise and guidance
  • Stock control and budgeting orders
  • Spreadsheet use and set up of figures and targets
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Induction and operations
  • PR beauty consultancy and marketing
  • Social Media aimed at beauty
  • Retailing workshops
  • Customer service training and optimisation
  • SWOT analysis
  • Pricing and treatment list wording; copywriting
  • Design and print recommendations

With over 20 years management experience Tina can make your business more profitable, more attractive to new clientele, and ensure you have a happy productive team.

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Mystery Shopping

Ever wondered what sort of service your therapists are giving?

Mystery shopping is an amazing way to recognize great service, and also improve your customer experience and team development.  It is also a way to find out what is really happening behind closed doors. Are your team giving a thorough consultation? Are they recommending homecare? Is their client care top notch? You are only as strong as your weakest link.

Your business is fully analysed and a full report is given with recommendations for training and progression – whether delivered in-house or as a further part of the service.

One of the main successes of using someone else for beauty consultancy is fresh eyes. As a business owner you see things day in day out but sometimes miss the elements that can really make a difference!