Foot Health Practitioner

foot health practitionerWhat is a Foot Health Practitioner

A Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) is someone who is qualified to assess, treat and improve a variety of foot conditions. Feet should be routinely serviced at least once a year – after all your feet support you over your whole lifetime. They walk 3.5 times round the world – that is a lot of steps!

A regular trip to a Foot Health Practitioner will mean that things that may seem insignificant can be nipped in the bud at the start.

Like visiting the Dentist, the Foot Health Practitioner should be a bi-annual routine check up for your feet.  Don’t ignore any pain or pinching as foot issues normally escalate.

What can we treat?

Most minor ailments can be safely treated and a homecare routine will be advised for :

Calluses and Corns


Ingrown Toenails

Fungal Nail Infections

Athletes Foot

Bunions, Hammer Toes and other skeletal foot problems


Initial Consultation and Assessment        £29

Ingrown Toenail relief                                 £19

Medi-Pedi (includes polish or gel finish) £55

How to Book



General Foot Health Advice

Always wear clean cotton socks daily

Alternate flats with any heels or boots

Buy shoes with a good support that hold them in place

Check your size – most foot problems are caused by ill fitting shoes

Never wear waterproof shoes with no socks

Always dry toes thoroughly and apply foot powder between in webs

Don’t be tempted to over oil / cream toes especially if you wear closed shoes daily

Keep nails short and file any edges

Elevate legs in the evening if your job involves a lot of standing

Don’t over file calluses – they are your foot protecting itself



All our tools are sterilised post use, we use singe use sheets and towels and are fully insured.