Hot Waxing (peel-able wax)

Hot waxing is essential for a great intimate wax. Hot (or peel-able) waxing involves applying the wax over an oil and removing it without the need for a
hot waxingstrip. The wax shrink wraps the hair but without pulling the skin. The reduction in pain is HUGE and the treatment is really quite comfortable to receive.

We use hot waxing on all sensitive areas including lip, chin and face, underarm and intimate areas (bikini).

Whilst strip wax is used on larger area, hot wax is certainly an option, however takes a little longer and costs 50% more.

Intimate Waxing

Sam has been offering female intimate waxing since 1999 where she learnt the treatment in Sydney using the hot waxing technique. Back then it was quite a niche service in the UK and frequently had clients travelling from as far a Bristol for the service. Nowadays the removal of most of our pubic hair is certainly the “norm” and generally starts in late teens.

Sam now teaches this technique nationally and hold seminars at Trade Shows with live demonstrations. Sam also comments in press articles and is a recognised voice in the waxing industry.

Why Wax? (and why you shouldn’t shave)

This is a no-Brainer for us. Waxing removes hair by the root, resulting in monthly visits for upkeep and no need to shave daily. Skin is softer and although ingrown hairs can still happen they are greatly reduced v. shaving. The treatment takes us on average 10-20 minutes (Sam’s record is 9mins!) and we have never had a client say it was worse than they imagined.  Infact most newbies get themselves so worked up for nothing. 99% of clients leave saying “It wasn’t as a bad as I imagined”. It is incredibly rare that someone doesn’t return. Shaving cause micro tears in the skin, razor bumps, rashes, sores and worse ingrown hairs. Ditch that razor!

The Positions

Let us say this firstly WE DONT DO ALL FOURS!  – there are other ways to remove the hair that don’t have to involve undignified positions and loss of self respect. we have never known a doctor to examine that area like that so why wax? Also we don’t start with your bum. We like to get to know you first before that bit.

SO its like a frog, sometimes I get you to hold your knees to your chest and lastly you pop on your side in the foetal position.

The Products and Wax

I use Top Wax and products. The wax and products are vegan, SLS free, mineral oil free and paraben free. We don’t use talc. Ever.


We always wear gloves and never double dip the spatula during hot waxing. We use disposable couch covers and clean bed paper. You will also have an individually wrapped intimate wipe ready to freshen up before the treatment. Tools are correctly sanitised and sterilised but we rarely need to use our tweezers 😉


Q. Can I get waxed on my period?

A. Of course you can! Just wear a clean tampon and tuck the string up inside you out of the way. Alternatively Moon Cups are awesome for waxing.

Q. Can I get waxed when pregnant?

A. We like to avoid the first trimester but after that of course you can.

Q. how long does the hair need to be?

A. About a cm but from shaving allow 2-3 weeks for a decent growth.

Q. Will there be any stubble in-between?

A. If you are new to waxing yes. This is unavoidable as although we can get all the surface hairs (minus ingrown and ones 1mm long!). We cannot control the hairs that are growing under the skin (new growth) . However after a couple of months all the follicles will have their growth cycle reset and ther shouldn’t be much at all.

Q. Will it hurt?

A. This depends on how you are feeling and your pain threshold. In 17 years we have had to stop on 1 client. Pre-menstrual, hungover and stressed states can affect sensitivity. If you find areas painful there are some breathing techniques we can do to help. Most people don’t even flinch, especially with hot waxing.

Q. What should I avoid before coming?

A. Sunbeds aren’t a good idea 48hrs before. Also please don’t trim – we do that for you on the day. A great tip though is to exfoliate the front (Pubic Mount) a couple of days before to help release any short or ingrown hairs. Applying  layer of Ingrown Serum daily will also help prevent them (£7.50)

Q. What about after? Can I go to the gym?

A. We are afraid not for 24-48 hrs depending on your skin sensitivity. Also any heat treatments, swimming, self tan, and friction are to be avoided.  Apply Ingrown serum after 48 hrs daily and also apply Bush Balm  –  a post wax soothing cream and ingrown prevention.