Permanent Make-up

Professionally applied permanent make-up can do wonders for sparse or overplucked brows. It should be done in a way that quietly enhances what you have rather than changing your look completely. Sometimes no matter how much you have your brows tinted and shaped they can never get to that arch or density you require. Permanent make-up is also a great option for scars.

Permanent Make-up has been one of my beauty tools for years and I have seen some amazing work by some talented artists.

permanent make-up

permanent make-up

Lips can be enhanced by slightly evening contour and shape, giving the illusion of a fuller lip and also providing a permanent blush to lips reducing the need for daily lipstick

Eyeliner is a fabulous option too – a lash enhancement just puts dots in between lashes making eyes seem to stand out more without being a visible tattoo. For those who apply liner daily it’s a no brainer – wake up with neat perfectly applied eye make up!

For something a bit different these a beauty post option – very Marilyn Monroe.

Jemma Taylor is offering a monthly clinic at The Beauty Guru for permanent make-up. She is trained to Gold standard with market leader Nouveau Contour and is fully insured and licensed by Salford City Council.  She offers by appointment service and is available Sundays and Evenings for your convenience.

Jemma’s Pricelist


£295 – £395

Lash enhancement

Top or bottom lashes  £195

Top and bottom lashes £245

Baby eyeliner – top    £245

Baby eyeliner – top and bottom  £345


Liner £245

Liner and blush £295


Beauty spot £85

Colour Boost

This is your regular maintenance post treatment. So basically after the first application (and comp too up within 3 months) the price plummets to the following amounts dependant on time.

0-6 months £95

6-12 months £125

12-18 months £195

Deposit/Consultation £50

£100 discount if 3 areas done at same time (Brows/Liner/Lips)