Waxing for Men

We offer waxing for men and Sam is an Axiom educator.  Axiom is the biggest and best known male waxing education company owned by Professional Beauty Judge and industry expert Andy Rouillard.

Sam has treated male clients for 15+ years and has built up a strong client base of regular clients.

We promise confidentiality, professionalism and also incredible service. The salon is unisex.

Waxing for men is a growing sector of the grooming industry and whereas years ago no manly man would ever consider even trimming his hair it is no totally acceptable to get a back wax to take the kids swimming, pluck the middle of your brows and give them a light trim and also sport has seen an increase in the need to remove intimate hair to reduce chaffing during running or bike rides.

Cyclists benefit hugely from removing leg and intimate hair as “saddle sore” can really pose a problem to those guys who enjoy lengthy outings on their bikes.

The majority of body builders need a full body wax pre competition (taken the day before rest day and a week pre competition).

The latest need for hair removal is the evolution of tattoos and the “sleeve”. Why let someone shave it with a blunt bic when you can have the area hair free during healing time? Regular arm waxes also keep the tattoo looking fresh without suffering itchy stubble.


Frequently Asked Questions

Body Waxing

Q. How long after I shave can I wax?

A. 3 weeks is ideal depending on growth

Q. How long between waxes?

A. 4-6 weeks

Q. Will it hurt?

A. It smarts but only for a second then the pain goes. It is very tolerable and avoiding too much caffeine and coming when rested and not too stressed helps too

Q. Will I get spots after a back or chest wax?

A. These are infected follicles that are a result of not keeping the area clean and dry post treatment. I advise an anti-bacterial wash and spray to help to avoid them.

Q. What should I avoid pre treatment?

A. Avoid sunbeds or sunbathing for 24-48hrs, also please don’t trim.

Q. What aftercare should I follow?

A. Avoid the following for 24-48hrs: Steam, sauna, sunbed, scented products, sweating, swimming, friction, sport, hot shower or bath (lukewarm is fine), self tan products. Also wear clean clothes and have fresh bedding on.



Male Intimate Waxing

Q. How often will I need it doing?

A. 5-6 weeks is ideal

Q. What if I get an erection?

A. This can happen but shouldn’t  – if it does it will go quite quickly.

Q. Will it grow back itchy?

A. No – in fact the regrowth will be finer and softer.

Q. Do many people get it done?

A. The majority of my clients are middle aged men who either do sport or prefer the cleaner feeling of having no hair.

Q. I’m worried people will know I’ve had it done.

A. My salon is very small and my treatment room only has on every person working at once – no one else has access to my booking system and I run a completely confidential service.




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